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Best link building strategies you ought to know

The best link building strategies are not complicated. In fact, the best strategies are so simple they are almost like common sense.

Ask and Receive. The best way to build links is to ask nicely. Shoot the site administrator you are interested in an email. The email should contain a concise but complete description of your site and the contents of your site. Your email should demonstrate the advantages of linking each other’s site.

Link now, ask later. Before you send that email asking them to link their site to yours, you can go ahead and link their site to yours. More often than not, the recipient of your email will be reluctant to say no since their site has been linked to yours. If they turn you down, remove theirs from your site.

Work on your Content. Your site’s content should be rich and substantial. After all, your content is the reason why other sites will want to link their site with yours. If your site content is good, you may not have to beg around for links – the requests will be coming to you.

Quality over Quantity. Be discriminating in choosing the sites you want to link with yours. Your links should be relevant to your site’s content. Make sure that their content is useful or at least to your visitors.

The best link building strategies work because they follow common sense. More than strategies exclusive to link building, they are strategies we find useful in everyday life

The advantages of link building

Link building is summed best by the science term mutualism. Mutualism is a biological relationship wherein both parties benefit from each other. In Godfather language, “I scratch your back, you scratch mine.” Link building is sought after because of its many advantages:

Link building generates traffic. The most important thing for a site is to generate traffic. Traffic means people are aware your site exists. If they visit a site similar to yours and you are linked with that site, the possibility of that traffic spilling over to your site increases.

Link building is free. This is probably the best thing about link building. Your site is displayed on other sites online for free. Likewise, the sites linked with yours get some free airtime. Link building is free advertising for the members of the network created.

Link building improves your ranking with search engines. If the sites you are linked with are more popular than yours, they help your ranking by association and the spill over traffic.

Link building shows you the money. The ultimate goal of link building is to improve traffic. Your site benefits from increased traffic by increasing your sales if you are an online seller. Even if you are not an online seller, you can still earn more by building links through ads.

Link building is an easy and sure way to improve traffic to your site and your links. Link building is a win-win situation where all the parties involved benefit from the network created.

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