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Article Submission As An Internet Marketing Method

You may have heard about article submission used as an internet marketing method. So how does this exactly work?

Articles with original content and rich in keywords are submitted to article depositories. The article depositories submit the articles to article publishing sites. Ideally once your articles are published in these article publishing sites, they will bring traffic to your site.

Article depositories usually charge a fee. The fee will depend on the number of article publishing sites they will submit your articles to. The greater the number of the article publishing sites your articles will be submitted to, the higher the fee.

Apart from submitting your articles, these depositories will be editing your articles if need be. They will be the ones to determine the category under which your article falls under before submitting it for publication.

Using article depositories does not guarantee that your articles will be published. The article depositary will inform you of their average publishing rate. They have a team of seasoned writers ready to help make your article more worthy of being published.

More and more site owners are turning to article submission to improve traffic. Article submission generates back links. A good thing about article submission is that you retain ownership of the article. If a site wants to cite your article, they need place the link to your site whenever they cite your article.

So what are you waiting for? Start typing on your keyboards and let the traffic pour into your site!

Article Submission as a Source of Backlinks

More site owners are turning to article submission to create backlinks for their site. A brief overview of the process is articles about or related to your product are submitted to an article depositary. The depositary submits your article to an article publishing site. If accepted, the article gets published under the guise that the article is part of the publishing site. The search engine indexes the article based on its keywords. The next time someone uses the search engine and types any of the keywords in your area you get traffic. If a site wants to cite or use your article, they create a backlink for your site at the end of their article. This increases your traffic further.

Not all article submissions can be a source of backlinks; to improve the chances of your site getting good backlinks here are a few smart guidelines:

Your articles must have decent content. Quality content is the reason why other sites will want to cite your article. If your article is nothing but keywords strung together with no cohesive thought, it will not earn good backlinks.

Avoid long articles. The ideal length of your article should be around 400 to 500 words. Short articles make it easier for search engines to index them. It makes it easier for the article to be treated as an article of the publishing site.

Backlinks are another source of traffic. Quality begets quality so if you want quality backlinks, you need to provide quality articles.

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